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Participant Info

Name of School
University of Limerick, Graduate Entry Medical School
Name of LIC
ULearn-GP (U of Limerick Education And Research Network in General Practice)
LIC Location(s)
Limerick, Ireland
Primary Contact
Andrew O'Regan & Michael O'Callaghan
PC Email Address
ei.lu1721677204@nage1721677204ro.we1721677204rdna1721677204 & ei.lu1721677204@nahg1721677204allac1721677204o.eki1721677204m1721677204
Monica Casey
Admin Email Address
monica.casey AT
Rural or Urban
Cluster A LIC (Amalgamative)

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Typology of LIC’s explained:

* Cluster A LIC (Amalgamative) includes extended rotations that covered more than one, but not the majority of disciplines for the year: 6-18 weeks.

* Cluster B LIC (Blended) includes all or majority of disciplines and utilized complementary discipline-specific rotations to complete the year: 20-38 weeks.

* Cluster C LIC (Comprehensive) comprises the entire year in LIC learning or with very short orientation programs for individual disciplines followed by a full academic year in LIC style learning: 32-54 weeks.